Welshpool & Benjamin Close car parks

Walkers feel that the spaces between buildings are too disjointed. They would like a continuous space that connects Broadway market to the fragmented landscape around the central 17 storey tower block of Welshpool house

For one walker, food is the “macguffin”, its the bait to catch the community and not important in itself. The garages next to Welshpool cover an enormous space. They feel like an old idea, ‘stables’ of future. Walkers start to question the use of the space for car parking.One residents who come comes on the walk likes the garages but only because the alternative would be housing. She has started to cultivate a garden in the public space next to the garages. She takes us on a walk and describes the vegetables she is growing.

Space left over after planning ... perfect for fruit trees?

Some of the many garages around Benjamin Close. City stables of the future?

Grape vines of Benjamin Close looking north with Welshpool House

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