London Fields inc Warburton & Darcy

Possible London Fields orchard site with table tennis players in background

London Fields. This leisure corner of London Fields  opens out northwards and features 20 dwarf apples trees. Each tree produces approx 40 kg of fruit, with an overall harvest of 4700 apples. In September, the park becomeds a festival space and the various market gardeners and local food growers take over the park to celebrate. They sell red cabbages, onions, broad, French and runner beans, as well as local honey and the wine for which this corner of Hackney has become famous.

Walk through the small gate and estate car park behind the sculpture to get to Warburton & Darcy TRA garden. It contains as vast variety of edible plants, fruit and vegetable plots. Relax on a bench amongst the well established herb beds.

Warburton estate emergency entrance

Vegetables growing in Warburton and Darcy community garden

The tumbler composter in Warburton and Darcy Community Garden

a fox runs from the garden as we enter

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